You are currently viewing Eurofins EnvironeX validates Logiag’s carbon analysis instrument, LaserAg

Eurofins EnvironeX validates Logiag’s carbon analysis instrument, LaserAg

Eurofins EnvironeX validates Logiag’s carbon analysis instrument, LaserAg

The LaserAg Quantum instrument is based on LIBS technology, which is simpler and faster than dry combustion

A new instrument to measure soil organic carbon (SOC) more efficiently was validated in spring 2023 by Eurofins EnvironeX, Quebec’s leading analytical laboratory in the environmental, agrifood and pharmaceutical health fields. This validation will facilitate COS analyses and thus contribute to the fight against climate change.

LaserAg Quantum, invented by Logiag, is the first instrument to analyze soil samples using a technology that originated in the mining industry: laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS).

LaserAg Quantum is four times faster than the traditional method of dry combustion. It also requires less handling.

Finally, LaserAg can simultaneously analyze four parameters in addition to COS: organic matter, pHwater, pHbuffer and nitrogen.

The result of 10 years of research and development, LaserAg Quantum comes at just the right time. “Demand for COS analysis is growing,” says Marc Hamilton, President of Eurofins EnvironeX, which already has 40,000 requests in its order book for 2023. LaserAg will help us address this new market more effectively than dry combustion.”

It is in the context of climate change that markets are demanding valid COS measures, since more carbon stored in soils necessarily corresponds to less CO2 in the atmosphere. It is climate-transition agricultural practices that make this transition possible, and that place higher SOC at the heart of the fight against climate change.

The LaserAg Quantum instrument, supported by the LaserAg software suite, accompanies soil sampling as it measures and analyzes COS quickly and efficiently.

Currently in operation in Eurofins EnvironeX (Montreal) and Omnia (Zambia) laboratories, LaserAg Quantum is available for sale to all analytical laboratories.

For further information, please contact
Anick Labelle, Communications Manager
514 779-3512 | [email protected]

About Logiag
Founded in 1999, Logiag provides agri-environmental consulting services. Since 2020, it has been accompanying farmers in a transition transition that enables them to combat global warming while strengthening the resilience of their soils.

About Eurofins EnvironeX
Eurofins EnvironeX is the largest analytical laboratory in Quebec in the fields of environment, agrifood and pharmaceutical health.

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