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Logiag’s policy for the protection of personal information

Logiag Inc. offers customized and adapted services that meet the needs of each customer. Furthermore, our company is committed to excellence while rendering the services provided to every client, each and every day. Such quality services include protecting the privacy of all our clients (even our future clients). We have professional and legal obligations to respect the confidentiality of any and all information that is provided to us, which is why we implemented this policy regarding the privacy of personal information.

The term “Personal information” refers to information that allows somone to identify an individual.

The purpose of our protection of Personal information policy is mainly the respect of the ten (10) principles of the right to privacy as stated by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) regarding the protection of Personal information.

(1) Responsibility – The Chief Privacy Officer is responsible for the company’s compliance with this policy. Although several persons at Logiag Inc. are required to collect and process your Personal information on a daily basis, the Chief Privacy Officer ensures that the policy is applied and respected throughout all of the other policies and procedures of the company, as well as employee training.

(2) Purpose of Personal information collection – We collect and use Personal information, received through Internet or by other means, regarding our clients for recordkeeping purposes, and in order to identify them, communicate with them, protect our company and our clients against mistakes and fraud, determine the wishes of our clients and provide them with information on our products and services, as well as to ensure that our clients or other users of our Web site, or of our mobile applications, shall not have to provide their Personal information again the next time that they access our Web site, or our mobile applications, or make a purchase.

Except as required or permitted by the law, we do not communicate to anyone the Personal information regarding our clients and we do not authorize anyone to use our clients’ Personal information, for any reason whatsoever, without having received the prior consent of our client to that effect. Furthermore, we do not use Personal information for any other purpose without having received the prior consent of our client to that effect.

While you are using the mobile application, we may apply GPS technology (or other similar technology) to determine your current location. We shall not share your current location with any other user or partner.

If you refuse to reveal your location for the purposes set forth above, we suggest that you turn off the location services within you account settings for the mobile application in question or, within the general settings of your mobile device.

(3) Consent – Prior to collecting, using or communicating an individual’s Personal information, we ensure that we have received its consent in the appropriate format.

(4) Limit of Personal information collection – We only collect information that is essential for the above-mentioned purposes, or according to our legal obligations. We make sure to receive the client’s consent prior to the collection of the Personal information if the use or communication of the said information is for purposes other than those for which we already have the client’s consent.

(5) Limits of use, communication and retention

  • Use: Logiag Inc. only uses Personal information for the purposes mentioned at the time of their collection or for purposes to which an individual can reasonably expect.
  • Communication: We generally do not communicate Personal information without having received the prior consent of the individual, with the exception of special circumstances prescribed by law, or if the third party to whom we are communicating said Personal information is acting as an authorized agent of Logiag Inc. We do not sell the Personal information in our possession.
  • Retention:Personal information is retained until the purposes above mentioned have been completed, or in accordance with any and all applicable laws and Logiag Inc.’s policies. Personal information received through Internet or by other means is also retained to ensure that you shall not have to provide them again the next time you access the Web site, or any of our mobile applications, or make a purchase.

(6) Accuracy – We compile all Personal information in our possession in the most accurate, complete and up-to-date manner possible for the purposes stated. We also expect individuals to provide us with complete and up-to-date information.

(7) Security measures – We protect all Personal information in our possession in order to prevent, as much as possible, any unauthorized access or modification by applying security measures appropriate to the level of sensitivity of the said Personal information. However, it is your responsibility to ensure the security of any passwords and related access codes allowing your access to our online resources.

Our security measures include more precisely:

  • employees training;
  • a records’ storage policy;
  • SSL technology;
  • Web site hosting on secured servers;
  • encryption of Personal information; and

(8) Transparency – We shall ensure that our policy on the protection of Personal information is easily accessible on our Web site or any of our mobile applications. We retain all Personal information on our secure servers. For further details on our policies and procedures regarding the collection of, use, communication and protection of Personal information, please contact our Chief Privacy Officer.

(9) Access to Personal information – We strongly believe that each individual has the right to access its Personal information that we collect. Each individual also has a right to correct and update any of its Personal information. Please contact our Chief Privacy Officer to request access to your information or to ask for any correction.

(10) Complaints – Logiag Inc. hopes its clients understand the importance of its commitment to the protection of Personal information. To file any complaint regarding our protection of Personal information policy, please do not hesitate to contact our Chief Privacy Officer:

By ordinary mail:

Chief Privacy Officer
Logiag Inc.

265 boul. Industriel,

Suite 100

Châteauguay, QC  J6J 4Z2


[email protected]




(450) 427-2611

Logiag Inc. may modify its protection of Personal information policy from time to time. Logiag Inc. reserves its rights to modify its protection of Personal information policy at any time, without prior notice. Any modification made to the policy shall be posted on the Web site or within any of our mobile applications.