Laser technology :
A revolution in
soil analysis

Fast, fluid and precise

Providing the precision agriculture industry with a system for soil sampling and analysis that combines the accuracy of lasers, the fluidity of smartphones, and the efficiency of data processing software.

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As simple as a cup and a phone

The sampling pattern is uploaded on the user’s smartphone using our SOLID-sampler app. A sample is taken at each sampling point, using our specially designed cup. Our smartphone app allows the user to scan the QR code found on the cover of each cup, saving the exact location of the sample and linking it with the proper farm and field information. That is it! The cups can then be sent to our analysis center.

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Libs: Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy

The technology in soil test analysis that precision agriculture deserves.

  • Each sample is analyzed 3,000 times
  • No lab manipulation of samples, no chemical products, no human error
  • Precise and repeatable

Why choose us for precision soil sampling and analysis?

  • Save time at each step, from sampling to preparing VRA files
  • Save money on sample shipping costs
  • Get access to the most accurate technology in soil testing
  • Offer your customers the level of precision they can expect for VRA
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Available to North America

  • The LaserAg system is completely new and is being offered commercially to farmers in Quebec as of this fall (2015).
  • Laserag analyses soil at the atomic level and determines the spectral signature of each sample. The spectral signature is universal. This signature is then correlated to regional extraction methods.
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Laserag will take part in the Summit on sustainable agriculture in Brazil


A multitude of speakers from public and private sectors from around the world will come together to discuss and to understand the challenges faced today by Brazil in an effort to render the intensification of its agricultural production sustainable.

Laserag technology presented at the 9th International Conference on Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) in France

The National Research Council Canada (NRCC) introduced the use of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in soil analysis, a first in the agricultural industry.

Logiag, regional winner of the 2016 Desjardins Entrepreneur Awards

It is with great pride that Logiag was awarded, for the region of western Quebec and Ontario, the Desjardins Entrepreneur Award 2016 in the category Innovation and Productivity, small business.