Our Process for Soil AnalysisLogiag

Precision in 8 simple steps

The LaserAg system is high technology made user-friendly for precision agriculture service providers. The steps are intuitive and integrated. The service provider starts by preparing the customer’s file, goes to the field to collect samples using his smart phone, pulls the samples, scans them, and ships them off in prepaid postage boxes. Once the samples are received at the analysis center, our laser technology generates fast and precise results that upload to the cloud basically the same day. Users can immediately download reports and prepare recommendations and VRA files with the same software used previously to initiate the process.


Using Solid Partner, the service provider prepares the customer’s file, including mapping and sampling patterns. The file is saved on the cloud.

Prepare your file with field maps and sampling patterns using solid-partner software.

Upload the file on your smartphone using the solid-sampler app.

In the field

Once in the field to be sampled, the service provider locates the sampling points and starts pulling soil samples.

Once in the field to be sampled, go to your first sampling point and follow the directions on your solid-sampler app.

Take a sample, mix it, fill the cup, seal the cup, scan the QR code, and put the cup in the box with prepaid postage.

Go to the next sampling point and repeat step 4


The specially designed boxes containing the cups have prepaid postage.

Once sampling is completed, drop off the box with prepaid postage and all the cups at the post office.

The box will be received at the analysis center within 2 days.


Each sample will be analyzed using our laser technology.

Each sample will be dried, compressed and analyzed using laser technology within 24 hours.

The results will be automatically uploaded on the cloud and will be downloaded on solid partner the next time you access the solid-partner software on your computer.


The service provider gets the results in Solid partner and can prepare customer-specific variable rate application recommendations.

At this point, the user is in charge of the file. The user can save the report and forward it to the customer, and can produce recommendation reports and shapefiles for nutrient VRA.

If you are interested in offering precision agriculture services using laserag