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We know that for you, as a farmer, time is crucial. The window of opportunity is often narrow, as weather changes quickly and can thwart even the best of plans.

This is one reason why LaserAg is important for you : it’s designed to complete the soil sampling, the soil sample preparation and the soil analysis within 48 hours.


We have integrated the process into a seamless system with just a few user-friendly steps. For example, the QR codes on the sample cups eliminate the need to fill out lab forms.

As a sampler, you are in control of the sampling process from A to Z and remain completely autonomous and independent.


Soil test results generated by a chemical lab process can hardly claim to offer precision agriculture.

On the contrary, at LaserAg, our processes leave very little room for human error because we do not manipulate the samples and we do not use any chemicals.

Save money

LaserAg is an opportunity because its operating costs are much lower than traditional chemical methods.

Indeed, the samples are put in a specially designed cup. Its size and the weight of the samples have been reduced to a minimum, in turn bringing down shipping fees.

In addition, less technicians are required to operate the machine, and more samples can be analyzed in a day.

In short, you save money you can invest elsewhere.