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We know that for farmers, time and timing are crucial. The window of opportunity is often small and narrow, as weather changes quickly and can thwart even the best of plans. This is one reason why LaserAg is important for you. The process from sampling to VRA files is extremely fast. The main reason lies in our laser technology, which can analyze samples in seconds. The system is designed to get the samples under the laser efficiently, and to deliver the results on the cloud and make them available to you just minutes later.


We have integrated the process into a seamless system with just a few user-friendly steps. The software and smartphone apps are free. The QR codes on the sample cups eliminate the need to fill out lab forms. The user is in control of the process from A to Z and is completely autonomous and independent. The system is designed to efficiently get the samples to the laser and very rapidly get the results out to the user. The process is fluid.


One can hardly claim to offer precision agriculture with soil test results generated by a chemical lab process. In contrast, we analyze each sample 3,000 times in a matter of seconds using laser technology. We do not manipulate the samples, we do not use any chemicals, and as a result we leave no room for human error in our process. LaserAg is the ultimate in precision.

Save money

LaserAg is an opportunity. The software and smartphone app that you need are free. The samples are put in a specially designed cup. The size of the cup and the weight of the samples have been reduced to a minimum, in turn bringing down shipping fees to a minimum. Whatever the price of analysis in your area, LaserAg will match it. And because you control the recommendations and VRA files, there are no other costs added to the process. This is money you can invest in customer services.