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Laserag will take part in the Summit on sustainable agriculture in Brazil


The Sustainable Intensification 2016 event will be held on the 25th and 26th of October in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A multitude of speakers from public and private sectors from around the world will come together to discuss and to understand the challenges faced today by Brazil in an effort to render the intensification of its agricultural production sustainable.

The event aims to solve the vital problems that affect Brazilian agriculture, thanks to essential technological progress for the enhancement of productivity, efficiency, and management. This mandate aligns with the mission of Logiag, which consists of supporting sustainable agricultural practices and helping farmers in the proper management of their crops. Economic, ecological, fast, and precise, Laserag technology is a concrete example of positive change for the future of agriculture.

Ross Guenther, business development manager at Logiag, will be among the presenters at this event, which act as key opinion leaders and influencers of Brazilian agriculture.

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