Laserag technology featured in the magazine L’UtiliTerre

Laserag technology featured in the magazine L’UtiliTerre

Interviewed by the Quebec magazine L’UtiliTerre, Logiag founders, Charles Nault and Jacques Nault, explain how the use of the Laserag system will change soil analysis practices.

Compared to the extraction technique called Mechlich III, currently the most widespread in agriculture, Laserag provides faster results, with a margin of error 5x lower. Launched officially in September 2015 after several years of research and development, the integrated Laserag system includes a mobile application for locating and saving the sample points on the ground; an analysis center which uses laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) to analyze soil samples; and software that generates the analysis report, the application files in varying doses, and agronomic recommendations. In this article, the different steps were discussed to demonstrate how the system can improve the reliability and efficiency of the soil analysis process.

Thanks to Laserag, taking samples, laser analysis, and the production of results are completed in only 48 hours; this is a major innovation in the agricultural domaine.

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Source: DUPUIS, Étienne. « Une révolution dans l’analyse des sols », L’UtiliTerre (Longueuil), 24 June 2015, p. 32-36.