A full report on Laserag in the Bulletin des Agriculteurs

A full report on Laserag in the Bulletin des Agriculteurs

The Bulletin des Agriculteurs, the reference in new agricultural technologies in Quebec, met with Logiag to discuss the launch of its new Laserag technology, which is based in part on the usage of a laser to read the composition of soil samples.

The Laserag system was born from the desire to find a new method for analyzing soil matrix more quickly and precisely than traditional techniques. First collected in capsules identified with a barcode that allows for georeferencing, samples are then scanned with a smart phone. Then, they are sent for free through the post to the laboratory for analysis using the laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technique to detect and quantify the soil nutrients. Finally, the results and recommendations are provided to the producer within three days, compared to a minimum period of two weeks with traditional analytical methods.

Only weeks after the release of Laserag in the Quebec market, this technology aroused the interest of many world leaders of precision agriculture, recognizing its strong potential to improve the speed and the precision of soil analysis.

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Source: MESLY, Nicolas. « Logiag révolutionne l’analyse des sols », Le Bulletin des agriculteurs (Montréal), octobre 2015, p. 16-19.